fastID Camfi

We are proud to announce the wireless fastID Camfi. This new low cost passport photo system features the new fastID OEM printer and a W11 touch-screen computer running the latest version of the Photomatic biometric software. Of course the new fastID station features all the great benefits from all our systems running the Photomatic software.

fastID is a wireless passport photo system designed for retail. It will maximize your profits and it will minimize hassle and rejections. Most of all, it makes taking ID photos easy. No need to carefully position the camera when taking the pictures. Just point and shoot! The biometric software will automatically process the captured image into a perfectly aligned passport photo. For any country!

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How does it work?

Taking official passport photos with fastID station is a simple three-step process:
Step 1 : Capture
fastID Camfi comes with a Camfi controller that you connect to your camera. It will transmit every picture you take to the fastID. The fastID will display each photo as preview on the touch screen display.

Step 2 : Select
Select one of the previews by clicking on it. Now just sit back and watch the biometric engine do all the work. It will first process the image and turn it into a perfectly aligned and cropped passport photo. Then it will run a full ICAO compliance and quality check. The results are shown on screen in just a few seconds.

Step 3 : Print
Just click on "Print" and in less than 16 seconds the passport photos are ready. Yes, it's that easy.

Digital ID photos

Printed passport photos are slowly but surely replaced by digital ones. Every fastID includes built-in software to work with to IDstation.online. IDstation.online is a service for digital passport and ID photos. Read more

Check out the videos!

Check our YouTube channel for demo and instruction videos.
fastID is wireless! It comes with a very fast and relibale Camfi controller. Connect your camera (Nikon or Canon or Fuji) to the WiFi controller and shoot. Every photo is automatically transmitted to the fastID.

New fastID printer
fastID has a new printer. Compact and easy to operate. With special features such as 4x4 (2"x 2") prints. For US and Canada size passport photos the photos are cut exactly every 2 inch. No more need to cut the photos manually! This will make you staff happy as cutting passport photos is a tedious task.

Very easy
fastID is designed for retail. Even without photographic skills staff can make ICAO compliant passport photos. The software contains all necessary data to process a captured image into a perfect passport or visa photo. For any country.

Minimize hassle and rejections
Biometric passports require passport photos to meet the strict ICAO specifications. The Photomatic software features a compliance check. It will check every ID photo before it is printed. For any country. Minimize rejections with fastID.

Make more money
fastID will maximize your profits. The standard paper size is 4x6" (10x15cm) allowing 6 or even 8 passport photos to be printed on one sheet (depending on the size of each passport photo). It also lets you print portrait photos or combinations. Print the ICAO certification and add it to the passport photo sale. Save and email the ID photo for on-line applications such as VISA applications, renewal services and on-line subscription services.

fastID station is fast. Time to process and print a set of passport photos is approx. 19 seconds.
  • ICAO compliance check
    The state of the art biometric engine automatically checks photos against ICAO, ISO and local regulation. It spots prohibited criteria such as shadows, hair over eyes, sunglasses, hotspots and many more. ID station prints an ICAO certificate showing all test results, a huge added value to your ID photo service.
  • Auto face alignment
    The Photomatic software uses artificial intelligence to automatically process captured images into perfect ID photos. The benefit is fast, hassle-free processing. No need for manual adjustment, no need to carefully align the camera. Just point, shoot and let ID station do the rest.
  • Wireless camera
    No wires! fastID features a WiFi controller. Just connect your camera to the controller and every picture you take will be transferred wireleslly to the fastID. The traditional ways of working are supported too. You may connect a camera using a USB cable or take out the memory card from the camera and insert it into the station's card reader.
  • Many countries
    fastID features templates for Passport and Visa photos for many countries. The auto face alignment and compliance check use these templates too. The Photomatic software automatically processes a captured image into a perfect ID photo and will check its compliance.....for any country!
  • Designed for retail
    Even without photographic skills, retail staff can make ICAO compliant ID photos.
  • Maximize your profits
    Maximize your profits and enhance your ID photo service. ID station offers lots of up-sale potential: printed ICAO certificates, portrait photos, corporate ID cards, saving or emailing ID photos at the customer’s request.
  • Background check and correction
    Background color and brightness of passport photos is important and varies between countries. fastID features a background tool that will verify the picture's background and that can automatically or manually improve and change the background color.
  • Ready for the Future
    fastID is ready for the future. More and more applications evolve into an on-line service asking users to upload an ID photo (JPEG) while maintaining the strict ICAO requirements. With fastID and IDstation.online you run a professional DIGITAL passport photo service. In such an easy way that everyone can do it, even unexperienced staff. The Photomatic software gas a template for all relevant online applications, such as online applications and renewals of passports, ID cards, dirving licenses, VISA, greencards and so on. IDstation.online offers a secure and professional service, not using email (emails with photo attachements are often blocked) but using a secure cloud storage system. Go to the IDstation.online page for more information.
Printer Specifications
The new compact fastID OEM printer!
Type : Dye-sub roll printer
Paper size (cm) : 10x15 / 10x10 / 5x10 (2 strips)
Paper size (inch) : 4x6" / 4x4" / 2x4" (2 strips)
Capacity : 150 sheets OEM coded
Speed : approx 14 sec. per print
Resolution : 300 dpi
Dimension 208 (w) x 240 (h) x 198(d) mm
Weight : 5.8 kg
Power : 110-240V AC power adapter
Warranty : 2 years carry-in

W11 Tablet Specifications
The tablet can be put onto the printer or next to it on de desktop. The viewing angle can be adjusted!
Type : 11.6" Windows 10 tablet
Touch : 10-point multi-touch touch screen
Keyboard : detachable keyboard (magnetic)
Processor : Intel QuadCore processor
Memory : 6GB RAM, 128Gb flash drive
USB : USB-c port and USB 2 port
Card reader
USB-c hub with extra USB2.0 ports and UTO for wired internet
Weight : approx. 1,1 kg
Power : 110-240V AC power adapter
Warranty : 1 year carry-in

WiFi controller
Controller: Camfi controller. Plug & play! Compatible with most Nikon, Fuji and Canon DSLR cameras.
App : Camfi Transmitter software modified for fastID

Software Specifications
App : Photomatic 8 biometric software
Support : TeamViewer client software
OS : Microsoft Windows 11