What is a Digital Passport Photo Service?

With a fastID or ID station you run a professional passport photo service. You will be able to take and print a perfect passport photo matching the requirements of any particular application, anywhere in this world. But what if the customer doesn't need a printed passport photo, but a JPEG file of the passport photo? Then you need a digital passport photo service! As you may have expected, we have implemented such a service for all ID station and fastID owners. We call it IDstation.online. IDstation.online is a secure cloud storage for digital passport and ID photos. With IDstation.online you will be able to sell digital passport photos just as you sell printed passport photos.

How does it work?

Every fastID and ID station has integrated support for IDstation.online. There is a simple (free of charge) procedure for registration and service activation. When one of your customers needs a digital passport photo, take the picture as usual and have it processed by the Photomatic software. When the passport photo has passed all the ICAO quality tests click on the IDstation.online button (instead of clicking on Print). This will take you to the Upload window. Simply click on Upload and the digital passport photo will be securely stored in the IDstation cloud storage. It is stored under a unique number, which will be returned to your passport system for printing. This print-out is what you sell to the customer. With the code and information on the print-out the customer can go to the IDstation.online website, enter the code and access, use and download his or her digital photo. This is an example of how the prints look (there are various print templates for various different online applications of course).

IDstation.online is a pay-as-you-go service. You can activate and register for free. There is no license fee or subscription fee. Only if you upload a photo you will be charged a "click fee". If you want to try it we can provide you with a "first time" license of 10 uploads for free.
Animated video of the IDstation.online digital passport photo service: